Clay is fascinating to me, it makes me happy. I love the texture of it in my hands. It brings me closer to the essence of my being. Hand forming or throwing clay on the wheel is like meditation to me.

I work with stoneware and porcelain. I am interested in exploring the infinite possibilities that these two materials offer; the capabilities of the material, the possible shapes and the resulting effects from the glazes.

My creations come from the heart, they occur from within. Firstly I create for myself but when others appreciate my work my happiness is complete. My being, my soul, my feelings are within the ceramics I make. The purpose of my ceramics is to increase the pleasure and taste of drinking and eating for others.

My work can be light when I work with porcelain, more solid and grounded when I use stoneware. Simplicity is the keyword. I do not strive to perfection but to purity, to the essence of the clay and myself.


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