All the ceramics I make I do by hand. The preparation of the clay, stoneware or porcelain, the throwing on the wheel or the casting with molds, the trimming, the first (bisque) at a temperature of 980 C, making my own glazes, glazing the bisque fired ceramics, a second (glaze) firing at 1250 C and the finishing touch of sanding the pieces to achieve the ultimate smooth finish.

The whole process is very time consuming. There is no short cut. Nothing can be done quickly and it takes a lot of attention, care and patience, but that is the beauty of this craft! It is so special to work with the elements earth, water and fire. The combining of water with the earthen clay creates an object which is beautiful yet fragile. With the addition of the element of fire is this temporary, delicate structure transformed into a permanent entity.

Everything has an influence; my being and energy, my hands which can create with small movements very big effects, the drying process and the firing where the heat never is the same. All this turns every product into something which is completely unique.

clay in hands process kiln process throwing wheel process thrown bowls proces trimming cup


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